Meet Andy Fletcher, Railroad Artist

Andy Fletcher is a railroads artist, speaker and an advocate for #trains & #railroads. Over the last twenty-seven Andy has drawn over 2,500 railroad locomotives, cars & cabooses of America's railroads. Andy Fletcher began drawing trains while he was still in school.  Through the years, railroads and museums across America have commissioned Andy to draw their equipment.  At the age of 18, Andy was asked by Burlington Northern to design their Executive SD70MAC paint scheme.  In 2012, Andy designed the Norfolk Southern Heritage Locomotives.  The  National Historic Landmark, St. Louis Union Station Hotel rooms have posters of his passenger trains that served St. Louis. 

If you are interested in placing an order or commissioning Andy to draw a train email us.  

You can see his railroad drawings,  posters, matted prints, magnets and books & booklets on this website.