A Canadian National Grain Train Heads to the Port of Vancouver at Edmonton

A Great Northern grain train pulled by a Big Sky Blue SD45 and U33C heads west at Fargo, North Dakota.  Today's train carries grain from the Great Plains headed to the Port of Seattle.  The locomotives and the train's many freight cars and caboose are adorned by Great Northern's beloved mascot "Rocky the Goat."
Great Northern helped develop Glacier National Park, and was known for the scenic beauty along its right of way.  Great Northern is part of today's BNSF Railway.

A Great Northern Grain Train at Fargo North Dakota

A Canadian National grain train heads west at Edmonton, Alberta.  Today's train's ultimate destination is the Port of Vancouver.  Railroads such as Canadian National are vital during the harvest, as they transport grain from the Midwest to ports for global trade.

February 18th, 2018

Andy Fletcher Daily Blog

Canadian National Grain Train signed 11"x17" Poster

Great Northern Big Sky Blue Train signed 11"x17" Poster