An SD9 leads a Chicago Burlington & Quincy general merchandise train east from Denver towards Lincoln.  Today's train carries interchanged Rio Grande carloads of conveyors manufactured by Cambelt in Salt Lake City. 

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A Visit to the New York Central in Cleveland, Ohio

New York Central Locomotives 11"x17" signed poster

Atlantic Coast Line Champion signed 11"x17" Poster

February 19th, 2018

A Chicago Burlington & Quincy Freight Train Heads From Denver to Lincoln

The Atlantic Coast Line Champion heads south through Charleston, South Carolina.  We give a wave to the lead E6 as the purple and silver consist hurries past on its way to its connection to Florida East Coast and its eventual destination of Miami.  Atlantic Coast Line is part of today's CSX.

The 20th Century Limited makes its way through Cleveland behind a pair of lightning-striped E8s as we take a look at the New York Central.  Shortly thereafter, a westbound freight makes its way towards Chicago behind a GP35, an H-16-44 and an F7.  Meanwhile, a venerable NW2 builds a train in the yard.

The Atlantic Coast Line Champion at Charleston, SC