An Illinois Central freight train heads from Memphis to New Orleans behind a U33C, an SD40A and a Paducah-Built GP10.  Today's train has carloads of grain and carloads of appliances.

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An Erie Lackawanna Freight freight with Bicentennial SD45 #3632 makes its way across the diamonds at Marion, Ohio as it heads to Buffalo. At the rear of the train is a block of interchange cars from Southern Pacific and Santa Fe making the trek across the nation from Los Angeles.

An Erie Lackawanna Freight Heads Through Marion, Ohio

Norfolk Southern Safety Train 11"x17" signed poster

This Patriot Rail Temple & Central Texas Railway locomotive carries feed grain and lumber interchanged from BNSF at Temple, Texas.  Temple & Central Texas Railway is a member of ASLRRA

An Illinois Central Freight Train Heads From Memphis to New Orleans

A Temple & Central Texas Railway Train Interchanges With BNSF At Temple, Texas

February 21st, 2018

Thank You Norfolk Southern For Educating First Responders With Your NS OAR Safety Train

Andy Fletcher Daily Blog

Thank you Norfolk Southern for educating first responders about Operation Awareness and Response (OAR) across the Norfolk Southern system with the Norfolk Southern OAR Safety Train. Thank you for your dedication to rail safety.

Illinois Central Orange & White Freight Train 11"x17" signed poster