Part 3 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH

More drawing demonstrations will be posted soon. 

Part 2 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH

Andy has been drawing trains for almost 30 years.  He taught himself to draw the trains he loved by taking photos of them  and then going home and trying to draw them. In the beginning, he shared his drawings only with family and friends. There was no internet, facebook or YouTube when he started. His favorite railroad was Burlington Northern. He drew his first BN grain train after visiting the Izaak Walton Inn when he was 13 in 1988. His first BN train drawing still hangs in the Inn. You can see several of his drawing demonstrations by clicking the links to the videos below.

Part 4 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH

Andy drew BN1991 in 1991. He photographed it on a trip to Seattle during Spring Break. Andy didn't sign his drawings in the beginning. It was not until 1992 that he first started signing most of his drawings. This is the first drawing he shared with railroaders and railfans on a trip from California to Chicago in the summer of 1991. Below is the drawing and a  video of Andy taking his first photos of BN 1991. 

Part 5 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH

Seven videos of drawing a CSX ES44AH

Part 1 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH

Part 7 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH

Video of Burlington Northern 1991.  BN tribute engine to their employees who served in Desert Storm.

Andy Fletcher's Train Drawing Demonstrations

Part 6 of 7 Drawing a CSX E44AH