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"Song of the Train"    10 pages

"I Am the Mighty Switcher"     6 pages

"From A Train At Christmas"     6 pages

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad books and booklets are available free as a PDF. "The ABC's of America's Railroads", "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads" and the "The ABC's of Amtrak, America's Railroad" are available by clicking the above or for a downloadable more permanent PDF email:


"The ABC's of Amtrak, America's Railroad"     24 pages

"Why We Need Trains"     6 pages

Andy Fletcher reads "The ABC's of America's Railroads" written and Illustrated by Andy Fletcher

"The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads"     24 pages

Railroad Books & Booklets

by Written & Illustrated by Andy Fletcher

"Here Comes the Steam Engine"     6 pages

"Pennsylvania Railroad"    6 pages

"The ABC's of America's Railroads"     24 pages

"There Goes the Caboose"     6 pages

"Roll Into the Night"     6 pages