The simple drawings and words of my "Why We Need Trains" message have popularized trains and the message of shipping freight.  My drawings and message allow complex railroad messages to be broken down in a few words and drawings that are enjoyed by all. 

Posters of "Why We Need Trains" are 11"x17" and the railroads, locomotives and freight cars can be changed.

Slide show of photos of the "Why We Need Trains"  Booklet. The booklet is 5.5"x8" and has 6 interior pages with Front and Back cover for a total of 8 pages. 

Slide show of "Why We Need Trains" jpegs includes the 6 interior pages. Actual booklet size is 5.5"x8"

Postcard of "Why We Need Trains" is 4"x6"

Why We Need Trains

Written & Illustrated by Andy Fletcher

If you would like your Short Line or Regional Railroad included in "Why We Need Trains" please email us for information.