Central Pacific Promontory Point. signed 11"x17" Matted Print 

Read the PDF of "Let's Go On Excursion"by clicking on the cover above. 

Northern Sky Charters   Northern Dreams signed  11"x17" Matted Print

Email me for information on having your car drawn and for purchasing gifts for passengers and special events.

AAPRCO's Private Railroad Cars

2020 ‚ÄčAmerican Autumn Explorer Poster, Matted Prints & Magnets

Drawn by Andy Fletcher

Dagney Taggart  signed 11"x17" Matted Print

Matted Prints of AAPRCO 2020 Convention Train Cars

AAPRCO 2020 Convention Train signed 11"x17" Poster 


Milwaukee Road  Wisconsin  signed 11"x17" Matted Print

Chesapeake & Ohio  Chapel Hill 11"x17" Matted Print

AAPRCO 2020 ‚ÄčAmerican Autumn Explorer Poster, Matted Prints & Matted Poster

Aberdeen Carolina & Western. San Marino signed 11"x17" Matted Print

New York Central  NYC3  Portland   signed 11"x17" Matted Print

Northern Sky Charters   Northern Sky  signed 11"x17" Matted Print