Back cover &

first Railroad Poster

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Click to purchase a copy of  the book on my eBay store

 Andy Fletcher's first book and railroad poster

In 1992 Andy had drawn about 100 railroad drawings and was embarking on a trip across America to visit railroads and railroad Presidents & CEO's who had invited him to visit. He had a binder of these drawings sitting on a table at the Izzak Walton Inn in Essex, Montana. A young book asked his dad to read him the book and the idea for this ABC book was born. You can download a readable copy or purchase a copy of the book of the back over that was enlarged to 11"x17" to make Andy'f first poster. Now 30+ years latter he has hundred of railroad posters and 2 more ABC books and lots a railroad booklets. 

Front cover

The ABC's Of America's Railroads

Andy Fletcher in 1992 with his early drawings  

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