At  Amtrak Train Days in Denver in 2015 I was extremely fortunate to meet and share my railroad drawings with Joseph Boardman, the President & CEO of Amtrak, (2008-2016), the Governor of Colorado and the Mayor of Denver.

When traveling on Amtrak I draw locomotives & railroad logos and give them to crew, fellow passengers and local businesses along the route. I also give out postcards and bookmarks to fellow passengers.

Amtrak Travel 

One of the things that is great about Amtrak is sharing a conversation  with fellow travelers while eating in the dining car. You meet people from all over America and from around the world.

I love drawing Amtrak locomotives and locomotives of railroads that were the predecessors of Amtrak or the railroad we are traveling on.

Departing Denver Union Station October 3, 2015

Attending Amtrak Train Days in Denver in October, 2015

I share the message of "Why We Need Trains" with fellow passengers give out postcards with the message. To families with young children I give out the booklets and train stickers.

Here is one of the postcards I give to fellow passengers and the bottom locomotive is the same one I saw in Grand Junction that  I drew a few years before.

In Grand Junction,  Colorado the  I stop in at Dave's Depot and say hi.  I give Dave my drawing of a Rio Grande locomotive I've drawn on the train. I buy an ice cream sandwich and walk up and see the locomotives that are pulling our train. It is always great when one of the engines wears the number of a Amtrak engine I have drawn.

Some Amtrak Stations are large like Washington Union Station in D.C. and Chicago Union Station and some are small like the station in Lamy, NM, but they are all important because they connect America by Amtrak so that travelers can see our beautiful country, visit family and friends and travel for business.