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Andy Fletcher's Music Biography

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I am a railroad artist, designer and songwriter.  I am also an advocate for freight and passenger railroads and use my drawings and songwriter to share the message of “Why We Need Trains” in songs, artwork, books and booklets for the public. I share my message when I travel on Amtrak, visit railroad events & conventions and on my social media sites.  On my social media sites: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, you can find my railroad posts with the hashtag #WhyWeNeedTrains

As an artist and designer, I have worked with Class 1 and short line and regional railroads for over 25 years. My designs and drawings inspired the Burlington Northern SD70 ExecutiveMAC green and cream paint scheme and the Norfolk Southern Heritage engines.  I recently did designs for the MTA Metro-North 40th Anniversary Locomotives.  I have also done drawings for the GATX 2018 Holiday Card, Greenbrier’s 2012 Holiday video and the artwork of Mexico’s railroads for posters for AMF’s annual conventions in 2017 and 2018 (La Association Mexicana de Ferrocarriles). My drawings of historic passenger trains that served the St. Louis Union Station hang in the guest rooms and suites of the St. Louis Union Station Hotel.  You can visit my website at: customtrains.org