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Davis, California, like many cities across America is served by railroads. Both freight and passenger trains pass through & service Davis everyday. Many visitors come to Davis by Amtrak or the Capitol Corridor trains.  

As a railroad artist I have been drawing trains for Class1 railroads, short lines, Amtrak & other passenger railroads for 30 years. I have written & illustrated a series of "Why We Need Trains" booklets sharing the importance of trains in our lives. 

I have started a series of train drawings sharing the importance of small businesses to America's communities and have started with my hometown of Davis. The Paint Chip, an art supply & framing shop sells the pencils, pens and hot press illustration board I use to draw trains. Stop in and get a free postcard of my "Railroads of Davis, CA".   

More of Andy's drawings raising the importance of small businesses in our communities and country coming soon.  

Having  one of my favorite pizzas at Woodstocks in Davis and presenting Ted with a bottle of water with one of my Woodstocks drawings as a sticker.

Email me with questions about magnets, bookmarks, stickers & more for your small business.

My drawing of the Woodstocks Davis locomotive is in honor of DK whose passing has saddened all who knew him. DK was truly one of the best bartenders ever.

Sarah Hedriana is one of the Davis Farmers' Market Craft Vendors

My railroad art is now available at The Paint Chip in Davis, CA. Come in and see my items matted and framed and a collection of magnets to build a train.

Ask for a free postcard, sticker and copy of one of my train booklets for the rail fan in your family.

Part of my series of small business train drawings are of vendors at the Davis, CA Farmers Market.  Jim Eldon, an organic vegetable farmer from Brooks has an amazing collection of the freshest vegetables including asparagus. His sign features a bunch of asparagus playing the fiddle!  The Farmers Market also has a section of craft vendors with one of a kind hand made items.

Love trains or know someone who does?

Andy presenting Sarah Hedriana with a bookmark of his drawing of the Sarah Hedriana Quilts bookmark at the Davis Farmers Market Saturday, March 26, 2022

Andy presenting the Fiddler's Green Farm drawing to Jim Eldon, Saturday, March 19, 2022

Small Businesses

in Davis, CA