"The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads" 

Written & Illustrated by Andy Fletcher

Is your railroad included in the 2016 version of "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads"? Email us with questions and any changes to the accompanying text for your railroad.  If you want to have your railroad included in the 2019 version  of  "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads" email us to see if Andy has drawn one or more of your locomotives or for information about having a locomotive drawn by Andy. 

Andy speaking at the release of the Norfolk Southern Heritage fleet with Wick Moorman at the North Carolina Museum of Transportation in Spencer, NC on July 3, 2012.

Andy Fletcher is a railroad artist, speaker and an advocate for trains and railroads. Over the last twenty-seven years, Andy has drawn over 3,000 locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and cabooses of North America's railroads. Andy began drawing trains while he was still in school.  Through the years, railroads and museums across America have commissioned Andy to draw their equipment.  At the age of 18, Andy was asked by Burlington Northern to design their Executive SD70MAC paint scheme.  In 2012, Andy designed the Norfolk Southern Heritage locomotives.  In 2015 the National Historic Landmark, St. Louis Union Station Hotel, used his drawings of passenger trains that served St. Louis, to decorate their rooms and suites. Recently GATX had him draw  their leaser locomotives and rolling stock for their 2018 Holiday Card. 

I just sent an advance copy to the printer of the 2019 version of "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads." I will be adding some additional railroads before the final printing on April 17. The release date is May 8th at the ASLRRA's Railroad Day on the Hill. If you want to be sure your railroad is included send me an email for more information.

I cannot express my sadness of the passing of my great friend, Joseph Boardman, on March 7, 2019. So instead, I will share a happy memory.
Mom and I were in Washington DC in April 2016 attending the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association convention to promote "The ABC's of America's Short Lines." As the convention ended, mom and I got a phone call from Brian Gallagher. "The Boss wants to see you," he said.
Joe, Brian, Mom & I and a few others sat in Joe's office around a  conference table talking about the importance of freight and passenger trains working together, and how getting more carloads onto the rails, in the end will save railroading and Amtrak.
Joe said, "Andy, let's take a picture by the Pennsylvania Railroad clock." And that is how the picture from that day came to be.

GATX 2018 Holiday Card

The 2019 edition of "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads" is dedicated to Joseph H. Boardman, Amtrak President & CEO 2008-2016. 

You can read PDFs of Andy's other books and booklets  with Andy's railroad drawings.