GATX Tank car #792142

GATX cement hopper

GATX Locomotive Group #69

GATX Seneca tank car

GATX Locomotive Group SD60 #9014

GMTX Locomotive GP38-2 #2610 Leased to Louis Dreyfus Company Dedicated to Wilson Lane

GATX Diamond Shamrock Oil tank car

GATX Warren Oil tank car

GACX gondola

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad drawings are available as matted prints or magnets. If you don't see a matted print or magnet you want, email us. 


GATX Grain Hopper GACX #31857 Nutrients for Life Foundation

GACX coiled steel car

Railroad Artwork by Andy Fletcher

GATX Tank car #4500   CASCO

GATX 50' 201,100lb Ld Lmt tank car

GATX TankTrainer tank car #GATX1993

GATX Locomotive Group GP38-2 #2119

GATX Tank car #38

GATX Con Agra Mills Feeding America  hopper GACX 8173

GATX Make-A-Wish hopper GACX 31860

GATX Gulf Oil tank car

GATX TankTrain Classroom Boxcar  car #GATX101898

GATX Locomotive Group GP38-2 #2111

GATX coal hopper

GATX 50' single door box car

GATX Tank Train tank car #GATX44591

GATX Quaker State Oil tank car

GATX Locomotive Group GP38-2 #2103