The Arizona  Railway Museum is located in Chandler, AZ  visit their website at:

Andy Fletcher has drawn 3,000+ railroad drawings in the past 25+ years. 1,000+ locomotives & even more rolling stock. Many of these drawings will be in his new book, "We love Railroad Museums & Tourist Railroads".  

If you would like to have your museum or tourist railroad included email us for information on adding to your museum or tourist railroad to the book or on having more of your equipment included in the book.  

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is located in Chattanooga, TN visit their website at: 

Are you looking for a Railroad Museums & Tourist Railroad to visit? Click on the museums & tourist railroads icon below to find many of the railroad museums whose equipment has been drawn by Andy Fletcher.  Their websites provide location, special events & hours.  

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Grand Canyon Railway,  located in Williams, AZ visit their website at:

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Railroad Museums &

Tourist Railroads

The book will have three types of entries, single entry, 1/2 page and full page.