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 Andy Fletcher's railroad magnets started in 1993 with 60 locomotives from "The ABC's of America's Railroads" and has grown to over 3,000 magnets of freight and passenger trains .  

Andy's magnets are collected by railfans, families & railroaders and every year Andy draws more locomotives and cars so you can build your favorite trains. To find your favorite magnets search the Railroad listings above from A-Z to find your railroad's magnets and other products. If you bought magnets of your favorite railroad in the past check your railroad for new magnets and check out the lots of new freight and passenger railroads' magnets. (See the the Railroads A-C, D-G, H-M and N-Z above.) 

More samples of magnets sets of  freight and passenger railroads.

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1,000's of railroad magnets to build your favorite trains on your refrigerator or file cabinet

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad drawings are available as matted prints or magnets. If you don't see a matted print or magnet you want, email us. If you can't find the magnets in the eBay store, email me below and I'll send you a link to the eBay store listing. 

by Railroad Artist Andy Fletcher

A surprise accessory magnet is included in all Custom Trains orders. Or email us about a complete accessory collection of magnets.

Also, all magnet orders now come with a refrigerator railroad accessory magnet. More accessory magnets coming soon.

To see more refrigerator railroad magnets visit your favorite railroads in the alphabetical listing below, or you can special order magnets from your favorite railroad drawings on the website. Email a list of magnets you want to purchase. There's a minimum order of 10 magnets for special orders. 

Refrigerator Railroad Magnets

Choose from steam, diesel, electric and rolling stock

Some of the accessory Refrigerator Magnets