The minimum order for 2"x3" Mini-magnets is 4.  You can mix and match railroads and email us a list of 4 or more mini- magnets you would like to order.

Traditional Refrigerator Railroad Magnets are now 25 year old!

New Mini-refrigerator railroad magnets are our 11"x17" railroad posters made into 2"x3" magnets so you can display your favorite railroads in less space.

New Smaller Size Mini-Refrigerator Railroad Magnets are a great way to display your favorite railroads in less space.

2018 is the 25th Anniversary of Andy Fletcher's train magnets. We are adding  new 2"x3" magnets. Mini-magnets are a 2"x3" version of our hundreds of 11"x17" railroad posters. To find your favorite railroad's mini- magnets click on the Mini-magnets buttons below or email us with your questions at:‚Äč

Sample mini-magnets of ICG, IC and GM&O Railroads

Mini- Refrigerator Railroad Magnets

by Railroad Artist Andy Fletcher

Mini-magnets can be used to decorate your tree, wreath, or garlands and when the season is over you can use them as magnets or your refrigerator or file cabinet.

These new mini-refrigerator magnets are available in my eBay store. 100's more will be available soon, check back for your favorite railroads or email us about your favorite railroads availability.

New size: 2"x3" Mini-Magnets of your favorite Railroad

Four 2"x3" Mini- Magnets 2- Illinois Central Gulf, 1- Illinois Central and 1- Gulf, Mobile & Ohio. These new Refrigerator Railroad magnets are approximately 2"x3" each.