New, large size vinyl stickers coming soon. The New Haven FL9 #2019 (2.5"x9") shown is one of 1000s available soon.

stock as stickers. Choose sets of  vinyl stickers or select 12 or 

more of your choice and email me your list. 

 Choose your favorite railroad stickers

You can email me with questions about the new stickers or with a list of 6 or more stickers you would like to order. A sample sticker is now going out in all my orders. Watch this page for more stickers coming soon and let us know what stickers you would like to see made from drawings I've done.

All of my 3,500+ drawings are available as stickers. You can order sets listing in my eBay store or email me about special orders.

Sending out samples of one of my stickers in every order. This box has some of my 2"x3" stickers  and one of the new individual stickers of the Amtrak P42DC  Operation Lifesaver #203 (approximately 1.25"x5" in size). Where will you put your stickers? Tony Amato's water bottle has a Conrail Yellow Ribbon Sticker.

To see more than the few show above visit my eBay store or email me.


Custom Trains  Vinyl Stickers

Choose from over 4,000 of my railroad drawings to now also purchase as stickers

Now you can order your favorite locomotives & rolling 

Click on the sticker set images to visit my eBay store for the sticker sets shown below or on the Railroad Sticker eBay store icon to see more available stickers.