KCS Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

BNSF Train with TTX cars 8 Magnets

TTX Rail Cars

Norfolk Southern Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

CSX Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad drawings are available as magnets. If you don't see a set magnets you want, email us with a list of 5 or more of Andy's existing drawings to have a custom set made. 

Indiana Rail Road  Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

Union Pacific Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

6 TTX freight car magnets

Iowa Interstate Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

TTX Rail Cars

Build your favorite railroad and TTX rail car trains.

If you don't see the combination of magnets you would like on your train Email a list of a combination of 5 or more of your favorite locomotives and cars that I've drawn and we can build your favorite train in magnets .

CN Train with auto rack & TTX cars  8 Magnets

Montana Rail Link Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

Refrigerator Railroad Magnets

CP Train with TTX cars  8 Magnets

Ferromex Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets