Build your favorite trains with railroad magnets by railroad artist Andy Fletcher. Freight & passenger trains from fallen flag railroads to today's current railroads. 

Andy Fletcher's railroad drawings are also available as postcards. Be sure to visit his website: 

Meet Andy Fletcher, Railroad Artist

Train magnets make great gifts for railfans of all ages. Wholesale magnets are of steam, diesel, electric engines and rolling stock of both fallen flag railroads and today's railroads. Wholesale magnets are for railroad vendors, gift shops, railroad museums and make great gifts and party favors for railfans to display their favorite trains on the refrigerator, file cabinet or metal surface.

Amtrak posters, matted prints, magnets, books & booklets representing Amtrak 47 years of providing passenger transportation. Long Distance trains, state and regional Amtrak trains including Acela, Cities Sprinter, Charger and Genesis locomotives, Superliner passenger cars & more.

11"x17 Railroad posters for your favorite US states, regions and cities, plus a US map railroad poster. Also posters of Canadian and Mexican railroads. Posters signed by the artist, Andy Fletcher.

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2,000 + railroad drawings by railroad artist and designer Andy Fletcher. Find your favorite railroads & railroad museums in posters, matted prints, magnets, books, booklets & more. Andy has drawn trains for over 25 years and his collection includes steam, electric, diesel, traction & rolling stock.

Andy Fletcher's Railroad Posters hang in railroad offices, the rooms of the St.Louis Union Station Hotel and homes of railfans around the world. Hundreds  of posters including Bicentennial, steam, electric, diesels, passenger trains, fallen flag railroads and today's railroads.

Wholesale Railroad Magnet Packages

Click the above icon to read a free PDF copy of my novella, "California Zephyr",  "The ABC's of America's Railroads",  "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads", "The ABC's of Amtrak, America's Railroad" or the lower icons to read a free copy of the booklets written & illustrated by railroad artist Andy Fletcher. If you would like to purchase a book or booklet click below or if you would like a permanent PDF for your files please email us.

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Thank you, Joseph Boardman, for your leadership at Amtrak. You saw how important the people of Amtrak are in providing great customer service and in operating its trains safely and efficiently. Thank you, Joe, for choosing me to be the medium to voice your message about Amtrak.

Do you have a railroad drawing you would like to see Andy draw? Andy draws for railroads, museums, tourist railroads and railroad


Andy's first request came from Burlington Northern when they wanted to see what the BN Executive paint scheme would look like on the SD70MACs they were ordering.  

Between 2009-2011 Andy decided to design a series of Norfolk Southern Heritage engines as a way of showing Norfolk Southern's rich and varied heritage. He shared the drawings with Wick Moorman and 20 heritage engines were painted.  The railroad celebrated their 30th Anniversary at the historic Southern roundhouse in Spencer, NC at the North Carolina Transportation Museum July 3rd & 4th, 2012.

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Train Drawing Demonstrations by Andy Fletcher

An Index of Hundreds of passenger & freight railroad posters by Railroad Artist Andy Fletcher