is under construction. If you have visited this site over the past 10 years you will have noticed it hadn't been updated since 2012.  The pages are about 90% updated so keep refreshing as you visit the "New" website.

Here is the sample of the #1943 and the link to the eBay listing.

You can either purchase items listed in my eBay Store or email me for retail purchasing information.

Meet Andy Fletcher, Railroad Artist

Wholesale magnets now available in my eBay store

This website features my individual railroad drawings.  I try to updated the site once a month or so, so you can see the full collection.  I have drawn nearly 3,000 train drawings over the past 25 years. This website lets you search your favorite railroads alphabetically to see what I've drawn of their equipment. The drawings are all available as matted prints, magnets, 11"x17" posters and in my new train booklets. To see many of the posters, matted prints, magnets and booklets go to:


My railroad magnets are now available in packs of five of same magnet through my eBay store.  This will allow you to fill holes in your inventory or sample magnets without the normal minimum order.  If you don't see ones you want to purchase, please email us about putting them on eBay for you. All of the drawings on my Custom Trains Website are now available as magnets. Check out your favorite railroads to look for new drawings. The Spirit of Union Pacific's #1943  magnet is just one of 2,000+ magnets available.  

Andy Fletcher's Custom Trains railroad magnets celebrates 25 years as a product in 2018. The magnets came about as a product because of a need to display my first 200 train drawings as prints without taking up a lot of display space at shows & conventions. They were first displayed as magnets and a small magnet board in Columbus, Ohio at a train show in the Fall of 1993. Over the past years thousands of the magnets have sold at railroad museums, The Big E, Trainfest, Canada and more. They are popular with railfans from 2 to 92 and many collectors have 100 or more magnets; building their favorite trains on refrigerators and file cabinets. 

If you would like a PDF of prices for magnets and other products email: