Andy Fletcher is the designer of the Norfolk Southern heritage engines.

Your purchases of my railroad artwork as original drawings, matted prints, 11"x17" posters, railroad magnets & other products help me purchase the pens and illustration board I use to draw new drawings. I appreciate your support of my railroad art.  I love drawing the railroads that are a part of our history.  

Andy Fletcher's Bicentennial drawings are now available placemats, posters, magnets & stickers.

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50 + Railroads have Placemats and horizontal posters and more coming soon. 

11'x17" US Railroad Map

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US Military 11"x17" signed Poster & Locomotive Matted Prints

Andy Fletcher's railroad artwork is available as original drawings with a certificate of authenticity from Andy Fletcher or as matted prints.  Andy's artwork makes the perfect gift for the railfan on your list or as a gift to yourself.  Prints are available in steam, diesel, electric, traction and rolling stock.  To find your favorites visit the railroad categories A-Z in the listing on the top of the page.

Union Pacific 150th Anniversary & 2019 Great Race Posters & Magnets

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad locomotive drawings are available as matted prints or magnets. If you don't see a matted print or magnet you want, email us. 


Refrigerator Railroad Magnets

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UP Big Boy 2021 Train 11"x17" signed Poster


You can email him for information how to make a request. Andy draws for railroads, museums, tourist railroads and railroad enthusiasts. 

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4,000 + railroad drawings by railroad artist & designer Andy Fletcher. Find your favorite railroads & railroad museums in posters, matted prints, magnets, books, postcards & more.  Andy has drawn trains for over 30 years.  His collection includes steam, electric, diesel, traction and rolling stock and is collected as magnets, posters & matted prints by railroaders & rail fans around the world.

Union Pacific Boy Boy #4014  Original Railroad Artwork

Email Andy for information about having an original drawing of your favorite locomotive or rolling stock, like the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 shown above.