2019 is the 150th Anniversary of the driving of the golden spike for the Transcontinental Railroad that opened the western United States to settlements. On May 10, 2019 Union Pacific Railroad has plans to celebrate the historic event with the restoration of the Big Boy 4014. Also present, at Promontory Point, Utah  will be replicas of  the Central Pacific Jupiter and the Union Pacific 119 .

Your purchases of my railroad artwork as original drawings, matted prints, 11"x17" posters, railroad magnets & other products help me purchase the pens and illustration board I use to draw new drawings. I appreciate your support of my railroad art.  I love drawing the railroads that are a part of our history.  

Email Andy for information about having an original drawing of your favorite locomotive or rolling stock, like the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 shown above.

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Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy #4014 10"x20" signed, matted print

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The simple drawings and words of my "Why We Need Trains" message have popularized trains and the message of shipping freight.  My drawings and message allow complex railroad messages to be broken down in a few words and drawings that are enjoyed by all. 

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3,000 + railroad drawings by railroad artist and designer Andy Fletcher. Find your favorite railroads & railroad museums in posters, matted prints, magnets, books, booklets & more.  Andy has drawn trains for over 25 years.  His collection includes steam, electric, diesel, traction and rolling stock.

Union Pacific Boy Boy #4014  Original Railroad Artwork

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Union Pacific  4-8-4 #844 and 4-8-8-4 Big Boy #4014 10"x20" signed, matted print

Andy Fletcher is the designer of the Norfolk Southern heritage engines.