11"x17"  " I Love Cabooses" signed poster

Stay in a Burlington Northern caboose cabin  Izaak Walton Inn, Essex, MT

There goes the caboose

And studies his assignment

To take off the chill

Conrail Transfer Caboose #18374 is located at the Lake Shore Museum  in Erie County, PA. 
Visit their website at: https://lakeshorerailway.com

Railroad Booklet written & illustrated by Andy Fletcher

See the full text and illustrations below.

The conductor grabs his orders

The Hamlet Depot & Museums is an active passenger station & an interactive railroad museum complex. Visit the Seaboard Air Line caboose #5241, discover their railroad history, see their model displays & more.  
Visit their website at:  http://www.hamlethistoricdepot.org     

That all is well

And with a wave

Grand Trunk Western caboose,  preserved at the Durand, MI Union Station

The PRR caboose #477449 is part of the Valley Railroad operating the Essex Steam
Train & Riverboat in Essex, CT.    Visit their website at:  http://essexsteamtrain.com 

Caboose Hobbies has a Rio Grande caboose 
10800 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226  
Visit their website at:  https://www.caboosehobbies.com 

The New Haven caboose #C540 ispart of the Valley Railroad operating the Essex Steam
Train & Riverboat in Essex, CT.   Visit their website at:  http://essexsteamtrain.com 

Nickel Plate Road caboose #783 is preserved at the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum, in Bellevue, OH.

#783 helped move the NKP #757 back to the museum for restoration. To donate to #757: 
https://bringback757.org/donate/  Visit their website at:  https://www.madrivermuseum.org

The train rolls onward

  Santa Fe caboose preseved by the Arizona Railway Museum, Chandler, AZ

Past each station

A pot of coffee on the stove

 Ride the N&W caboose at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Roanoke, VA 

Union Pacific caboose #25256 is located at The California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento, CA. The caboose is used for children’s birthday parties & events. 
Visit their website at: https://www.californiarailroad.museum 

By the stove

"There Goes the Caboose"

The Missouri Pacific caboose #13569 is privately owned by the President of the Missouri Pacific Historical Society.  Visit the MoPac Historical Society website at: http://www.mopac.org

Ride in a Chicago, Burlington & Quincy caboose at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL

From the caboose

Of this winter’s eve

Through each town

The B&O caboose #C2943 is on display at the B&O Railroad Museum. The museum is the birthpace of American Railroading and a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum.  
Visit their website at:  http://www.borail.org

And once again

To warm up the night

And past each junction

Past each tower

Chesapeake & Ohio caboose,  at the C&O Heritage Railway Center, Clifton Forge, VA​

The crew takes shelter

In the caboose

"There Goes the Caboose"

Ride in a Southern Caboose at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum at Calera, AL You can purchase Andy's drawings of The Heart of Dixie Railroad equipment as magnets and as a poster at the museum

B&O Chessie caboose #04059 is part of Operation Toy Train, Inc., 
Visit their website at: www.OperationToyTrain.org  

Scroll down this page to read a digital version of "There Goes the Caboose".  To learn more about each of the cabooses and their locations click on the website below each caboose. Many of them have magnets of their caboose and copies of the book to purchase.

If you want your caboose featured in the expanded edition coming in 2020  email for us for information. 

"There Goes the Caboose" 

The Pittsburg & Shawmut #164 is located at the Lake Shore Museum  in Erie County, PA. 
Visit their website at: https://lakeshorerailway.com 

Free complimentary copy of the book "There Goes the Caboose": A 10 page 5.5"x8.5" book  is included with orders of the 11"x17" poster of "I Love Cabooses" with  60 cabooses featuring the cabooses in the book while supplies last. 

And as the train waits

To signal to us all

Everett Railroad caboose #91517 is located at the Everett Railroad, in Hollidaysburg, PA.

The Everett Railroad has a variety of train rides for families with both diesel and steam.

Visit their website at:   https://everettrailroad.com

DL&W Keyser Valley caboose at Steamtown Scranton, PA

The conductor at his window

The conductor gives a wave