"The ABC's of America's Railroads" was first published in 1992 when Andy was 17 years old. Do you have one of the 1st Editions?  Alan Liesse brought his 1st edition (he received in 1993 when he was three) for Andy to sign at the Eugene Amtrak Station.  

Many of Andy Fletcher's railroad booklets are available as a downloadable PDFs. One of Andy's currently available 8 page booklets is included in all orders of matted prints, posters, magnets & books purchased in his eBay Store. Email us with questions. 

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad books and booklets are available free downloadable PDF. "The ABC's of America's Railroads", "The ABC's of America's Short Line & Regional Railroads" and the "The ABC's of Amtrak, America's Railroad" are available by clicking the above icons.

Printed version  available Spring 2019  

Printed version is available 

If you would like to buy a soft cover edition of one of the books or booklets or magnets, posters or matted prints please visit my eBay store or email us with questions.

Railroad Books & Booklets

by Written & Illustrated by Andy Fletcher

Andy Fletcher reads "The ABC's of America's Railroads" written and Illustrated by Andy Fletcher

Railroad books written & illustrated by Andy Fletcher

Front & Back Covers of "The ABC's of America's Railroads" written and Illustrated by Andy Fletcher.  

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Printed version is available 

Signing a copy of "The ABC's of America's Railroads" for a family on Amtrak while traveling on the Amtrak's Coast Starlight.

The Southern Pacific 4449 was the first steam engine Andy drew when he was 17. You can see the 4449 in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Rail Historic Foundation. 

Printed version is available 

Printed version is available 

Printed version is available