CSX SD70MAC #700  "Spirit of Cumberland" 11"x17" signed, matted print

5 CSX Locomotive Stickers

6 CSX Locomotive Magnets

CSX GP38-2 #2559 11"x17" signed Matted Print

6 CSX General Merchandise Train Magnets

5 CSX Locomotive Magnets

New Product!
CSX Locomotives 11"x17" Poster is now available  unmatted or with a 12"x18" Mat

CSX  11"x17"  Signed Matted Prints 

CSX Locomotives 11"x17" signed poster

CSX Train with  TTX cars  8 Magnets

CSX ES44DC #5500 Spirit of Cincinnati signed 11"x17" mated print

CSX Refrigerator Railroad Magnets

CSX General Merchandise Train 11"x17" signed poster

"Spirit of the First Responders" #911   11"x17" signed, matted print

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad drawings are available as matted prints or magnets. If you don't see a matted print or magnet you want, email us. 

Posters, Matted Prints, Magnets, etc.

6 CSX YN2 Box Car Train Magnets

6 CSX YN2 Locomotive Magnets

CSX Railroads 11"x17" signed poster

CSX Predecessor Railroads 11"x17" signed poster

CSX 11"x17" Posters

CSX YN2 Locomotives 11"x17" signed poster

CSX Veterans Engine "Spirit of the Armed Forces" ES44AC #1776  11"x17" signed, matted print


 CSX Tribute locomotive magnets with CSX #1776,  #911 and #3194

CSX #1 B&O Heritage Paint scheme 11"x17" signed Matted Print

NEW Product! Matted Posters

CSX ES44AC #3049  11"x17" signed, matted print

CSX General Merchandise Train with CSX #1776 and #911 11"x17" signed poster

6 CSX construction tractor train  Magnets