Amtrak Auto Train 11"x17" signed poster

Amtrak Auto Train 8 refrigerator magnets

Amtrak Acela 2020 11"x17" Matted Print

Amtrak Heritage P40DC #156 11"x17" signed, matted print

Amtrak Superliner Train 8 refrigerator magnets

Amtrak 40th Anniversary Locomotives 11"x17" signed poster

Posters, Matted Prints, Magnets, Booklet, etc

Amtrak California  Zephyr 7 refrigerator magnets

Siemens USA Chargers for Amtrak, MARC & bright line 11"x17" signed poster

Amtrak California 11"x17" signed poster

Amtrak & Commuter Railroads  27 magnets

Amtrak, America's Railroad 11"x17" Poster

All of Andy Fletcher's railroad drawings are available as matted prints or magnets. If you don't see a matted print or magnet you want, email us. 

Amtrak Superliner Train with Amtrak Veterans engine 11"x17" signed poster

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner Siemens Charger CS-44 #2111 11"x17" Matted Print

Amtrak & Commuter Railroads  11"x17" signed poster 

Amtrak Cities Sprinter and Train 8 refrigerator magnets

Amtrak Surfliner train 6 refrigerator magnets

Amtrak 11"x17" Signed Matted Prints

Amtrak CA Pacific Surfliner Train 11"x17" signed poster

Amtrak ACS-64 Cities Sprinter #600 "David L. Gunn" 11"x17" signed, matted print

I was extremely honored to attend Joseph H. Boardman's retirement party in September, 2016.  Mr. Boardman is an Air Force Veteran and served as Amtrak President and CEO from 2008-2016.

Amtrak New York State Empire State Service Train 11"x17" Poster

Amtrak 40th Anniversary Heritage engine set of 7 magnets and the Amtrak Veterans engine #42

Amtrak P42DC #52 The Heartland Flyer's Big Game Train engine 11"x17" signed, matted print

Amtrak P42DC #42 Joseph H. Boardman Veterans engine 11"x17" signed, matted print